Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Taste of Fall - Launch Party for The Positive Plate on 11-11-11

Alright folks!!  Here is the official launch party of The Positive Plate - Orange County's newest, hottest restaurant sustainability program spearheaded by Jesse Baker PhD of Ecofficiency!  We have an amazing line up of food from some of OC's best "green" restaurants in addition to stellar music (including Common Kings, Jacob Luttrell and American Idol's Michael Castro)!  It's all happening this Friday on 11-11-11 at an incredibly unique and fitting venue - The OC Food Bank in Irvine, CA.  Tickets are still available but they are going fast!  You can purchase them here for $60 a pop.  Each ticket includes unlimited food and drinks.


Sending a special THANK YOU to our restaurant and beverage sponsors.  AND, we are lucky enough to have Paul Schafer of PS Photo Media as our sponsoring photographer along with Fusion Linens as our linen donor.  Of course, Floral Sense will be there with sustainably designed arrangements decking out the event!  There WILL be a give-away of some arrangements too.  
Can't wait to see you there!!

Yours Truly,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dancing Queen

I'll admit that I got caught red-handed a few days ago...totally dancing to the beat of my own music.  Completely free with no reservations, I danced my little heart out.  Until...I found myself face to face with my friendly neighbors staring at me through my wide-open window.  Everything stood still for a moment in time while I stared back at them like a deer in headlights.  My saving grace?  My two little children who stopped dancing only because I had.  "Mommy, come on!  Keep dancing!"

Since when did we decide that someone else's opinion of our free-spirit hinder us to express ourselves?  My boys completely skipped that momentary beat of judgment and checked me back into the dancing world.  I swear, I love my little teachers.  

Although I serve the wedding industry as a designer, I find myself in a counseling role for my brides all the time. A frequent concern?  The RIGHT way to do things, etiquette, structure, gifts, etc.  I find that a huge source of stress lies in what should/shouldn't be done for their own wedding. But who said that we HAD to follow the rules of what someone deemed as "tradition"?  If a wedding is about a union of love between two people, why can't the event completely reflect the couple?  

Remember the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video on You Tube?  If you need a refresher, just click here.  
This makes me smile every single time!  This couple truly embraced a celebration of their marriage that reflected them, throwing the "rules" out the window.  To date, this video has had over 70 million views in addition to parodies featured on TV shows (The Office being one of them) and countless other couples following suit for their own wedding. 

(Photo courtesy of google images)

I'm not sure that they expected such a response but I commend that they took complete freedom to dance to the beat of their own tune.  

The lesson?  Depends on how you take this post.  As for me, I think I'll keep dancing with the windows wide-open like nobody is watching.

Cheers to the beat of your own music!

Yours truly,

PS - Have any great ideas on how you make your wedding a reflection of you?  Let's hear it! Send me an email or leave a message below!