Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Butch Bakery's Mancakes - Cupcakes for dudes

What?! Yeah, MAN-cakes.
When a friend of mine introduced me to this mancake cupcake, I had to make sure I was reading this right. Yup. You're just gonna have to check out Butch Bakery's website.


But basically, this guy named David Arrick started a business making cupcakes for guys after reading a girly description of cupcakes being "pink and magical." (Well, there's really more to the story so check out his bio on the webpage.) You gotta hand it to him. Even his tag-line is catchy: "Where Butch Meets Buttercream". Ya can't beat those four words and it describes his entire business. Dying to know what some of the flavors are? Rum & Coke, Jackhammer, Mojito and Beer Run (just to name a few). Is your mouth watering yet? And the cupcakes...'ahem'...I mean, MAN-cakes even look manly.
How hot is this ladies?


What's even more amazing is the fact that he opened last year and business has gone through the roof. Butch Bakery is currently located in New York but keep your eye out for more locations. I can't wait for some mancakes myself...and I mean that in a very sugary way.
Butch Bakery, come to Sunshine State!

Photo credits to Butch Bakery.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lunar New Year Kick-Off Celebration with NAAAP-OC

Growing up in an Asian household, we didn't pay much heed to celebrating the Lunar New Year. Surprising? I never thought so but my Asian counterparts did. So, this year I decided to switch it up a notch and participate by attending NAAAP-OC's Lunar New Year Celebration.


My long-time friend Christine Huey, who now serves at secretary for NAAAP-OC (which stands for National Association of Asian American Professionals, Orange County), invited me. She, along with other officers of the board, were installed by Judge John Nho Truong Nguyen last Thursday at the Dragon Palace in Garden Grove.

And with the help of another wonderful friend, Victoria Quon, I commemorated the new year by handing out traditional red envelopes stuffed with my card and a chocolate gold coin.

I admit, I intially wasn't too sure what NAAAP-OC was all about but as I looked around the room and started to chit-chat with the members, I realized that this was much more that a social gathering. This is an organization committed to developing leaders within the community. One of the most impressive components that won me over: Mentorship. I've been to a fair share of networking events but this is the first organization I've come across that consists of generations of members, with the older generation committed to serving the younger generation in mentorship. I had the privilege of sitting next to Pat Summers (Professional Development Chair) during dinner and it was amazing to see her passion in developing leaders, true to the mission statement of NAAAP-OC.

Thank you for a wonderful evening and great start to a new Lunar New Year NAAAP-OC!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winners Annouced for the San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway!

As promised, the Dream Team has announced the Winning couple of the San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway on Valentine's Day! Check out the video for the big reveal. Congrats to this fabulous couple!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photo Shoot with D. Park Photography

I have to admit that I'm blushing. I had the awesome privilege to be a subject for a D. Park Photography photoshoot last week and what a fun experience!
Drexelle, one of 2 fabulous D. Park Photography photographers, made me feel so at ease in front of the camera even though I felt a little awkward at first. I mean, how many every day people like me get an opportunity get all glam'd up and have a 'lights, camera, click-click' moment?
Complete with hair and make-up by Dannielle Legaspi, Drexelle and I hit up the Orange Circle for our photoshoot and interview.

Her work speaks for itself. Thanks D. Park Photography for doing what you do best!
And a special thanks to Dannielle Legaspi for making me beautiful!

Be sure to check out D. Park Photography's blog! You'll love it!