Monday, August 10, 2009

Caring for Your Flowers at Home

Lately, I have been asked this question quite a bit: What is the best way to care for your cut flowers at home? There are actually some very simple tips to keep your fresh flowers for longer.

The first thing I do is cut the stems at least 1 to 2 inches at an angle. Sometimes the flowers that you purchase from the grocery store sit in the water for a while which causes the tips of the stem to breakdown, thus causing less water to be absorbed.

Second, strip away any excess leaves that you expect to sit in the water. The reason for doing this is to keep the decaying process to a minimum.

The third thing I like to do is allow the flowers to soak for about an hour before arranging them. I know that there are lots of interesting ideas like adding bleach, Sprite and sugar to the water. However, I say stick with that little floral food packet your grocery store bouquet comes with. Many have told me they just throw those things out but don't do it! These little packets are filled with goodies for your flowers so keep them happy.

After you arrange your flowers just the way you want them, here's where you can take it another step. Every few days, recut the stems to open up the "drinking straws" for your blooming beauties and they should last longer.

Oh, and need some tips for my fave retail places to shop for fresh flowers? Trader Joes has some seasonl grower bunches for low prices. Costco's roses are a great value for 2 dozen at about $16. And take advantage of your local farmer's markets. Many times, these fresh flower vendors have good deals. In my experience, if you go towards closing time everything gets discounted to sell off their inventory. And that goes for many of the vendors, not just the floral guys.

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