Wednesday, April 14, 2010

VeriFlora Certified Flowers

Did you know that not all flowers are grown equally?
Its true.
Flowers are farmed just like any other 'grow-able' commodity but farming practices can vary from location to location. And depending on the growers, their farming practices can prove to be more gentle or harsh on the environment. So, how do we know if the flowers that end up in our homes are sustainably grown? It's not like the flower can talk. But there's a certification that does the talking for our blooming beauties - VeriFlora. This program focuses on environmental accountability with three key areas of sustainability: 1) Environmental, 2) Social and Economic, and 3) Product Integrity.

Pretty spiffy, eh? Just be sure to ask if your flowers are VeriFlora certified.

But wait...are all flower varieties available with VeriFlora certification?
Unfortunately, no. Admittedly, this is one point of design contention that we have come across and its a big issue. However, this does not mean that the art of design needs to be sacrificed just because we can't get a particular variety. Keep you're eye out for the next post featuring VeriFlora flowers and what we did when we couldn't get the variety we wanted.

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