Thursday, May 5, 2011

Venue: Hotel Maya - A Doubletree Hotel in Long Beach, CA

Recall the last photoshoot of our bouquets that was featured on Style Unveiled? Well, the fabulous Kelly Mendoza of True Bliss Photography introduced me to this gem of a venue in Long Beach called Hotel Maya for that photoshoot. I got a chance to scan through some photos before heading over there. But seeing the location in person made me want to throw my own wedding here! The hotel's design is incredibly unique. I found myself looking forward to the next room and hallway to see what was in store. And I was never disappointed at each turn. Check out some of the images I was able to capture via my iphone.

Here are some photos from Hotel Maya's Facebook page:

This is the one element that I keep thinking about - this 10 foot hand-carved door.

For more information on this gorgeous venue, feel free to visit their Facebook Page here.

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