Thursday, July 1, 2010

Planning a Green Event - Part 5: The Food

Food! Who doesn't love great food? And what if the food you served at your party was not only delicious but organic?

While I admit I haven't yet sampled their food, I've heard great reviews about Avanti Natural in Costa Mesa. They use local, organic ingredients for their menu items. And they have received quite a bit of press. I mean, just look at the pictures of their food!

Looking for some tasty organic treats?
Meet Luscious Organic Dessert. They use all natural and organic ingredients with cupcakes that are to die for!

The cookies-n-cream is my favorite!
Doesn't that look delish?
And if you're vegan, this is a great fit for you. If you're not (like me), you can't even tell its vegan.

Now, if you want a bit of a fresh twist to your event, you might want to consider The Pop Shop.
They make ice pops in the most incredible flavors.
You might recall me blogging about them a while back at the You Are What You Eat expo. But just in case you missed it, they use all natural ingredients and even use compostable wrappers. Seriously, what isn't there to love?

Now that I'm hungry, I'll be off in search of something yummy.

Happy planning!

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