Monday, August 29, 2011

Avanti Cafe

Sustainable Living means different things to different people.  For me? My journey has been all about making small, consistent choices that are conducive to promoting a healthier life with the environmental impact in mind.  In particular, green farming practices are a huge component to my interests especially with flowers being a main component of floral design. And naturally, my research of organic floral farms have given me more reason to focus on consuming organically grown food. Needless to say, I am IN LOVE with slow food! One of my favorite restaurants that focuses on "eating responsibly" is Avanti Cafe in Costa Mesa, CA.  They use produce that is grown organically AND locally.  Avanti is vegetarian and vegan friendly.  Oh, and their food is truly dynamic (not to mention, the recent remodeling is well suited for the cafe).

You gotta love the fact that water is served in wine bottles.

I was lucky enough to take my boys out on a mommy/son date last week so here's a sampling of their menu:
Onion Jam and Garbanzo Flatbread

Custom Kid-friendly Cheese Pizza:

Arugula and Spinach Pesto Pasta

Banana Chocolate Strudel with House-made Peanut Ice Cream

I just want to add that my 4 year old had no qualms about eating arugula, spinach, garbanzo beans or onion jam, which emphasizes against the argument that kids won't eat healthy foods that don't look like canned nacho cheese and greasy fries. Its just a matter of how the food is presented. You may recall the event I covered in San Diego of Cooks Confab's presentation of School Lunch where healthy, delicious food was presented in a way that kids will love.  So, to the school districts that want to fight against school food reform based on an erroneous assumption, I say BOLOGNA! (But please don't feed that to my kid.)

So back to Avanti. Right. 

See this picture below of the baskets of gorgeous organic produce?  You can affordably purchase them through your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  South Coast Farms is behind this particular branch in which Avanti serves as a pick up location.  You can order on a weekly or bi-weekly basis anywhere from $31 to $42 a basket depending on if you pick up from the farm or one of their pick-up locations. See? Sustainable living choices don't have to break the bank!
And you know you would rather be eating this than what's sold in the grocery stores.
Hope this inspires you to seek out an organic meal this week!

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The Country Girl said...

Oh my goodness! A hidden treasure in the CM?! I love it. Thanks for shedding light on something so deliciously intriguing! Love you and your yummy writing. I need to check this out right back! ;)

Joanna Park said...

Awww....shucks! 'blushing' Thank you! You will love this restaurant. In fact, I was just there again yesterday!