Monday, August 15, 2011

Policies, Schmolicies

There's a new rule in my house effective August 10, 2011: 
Chewing gum will not be used to decorate one's face. 

With two boys under the age of 5 in the home, you can only imagine the implications of how this policy came to pass. I can assure you it was one big sticky mess I was left to deal with. I've come to realize is that even with this new rule in place, it doesn't completely prevent the mess from happening again.  It just serves as a reminder in hopes that the mess doesn't happen again....a preventionary (yeah, I know that's not a real word but it is now) measure.

Having said that, I have occasional questions come up regarding Floral Sense policies. So here's a little Q and A of our top competing questions:

Q) How much of a deposit is required to reserve Floral Sense services for my event date?
A) A 25% non-refundable deposit of the total cost is due once an agreement is signed.  This deposit serves to reserve your date so we are committed to your event and all your decor needs surrounding your event.

Q) Why is the final balance due 45 days prior to the event?
A) We rarely purchase products for future events unless we are certain the event will be taking place.  Each event we service is so unique which affects the types of products that need to be purchased. There is no cookie cutter order log.  45 days gives us the time we need to order specifically for your event and receive these items in time for production. This is also why any changes that need to be made are done prior to the 45 day countdown, ensuring we have all the design elements cohesive to your event's look.

Q) Do I really need to sign a revised contract with each change to the decor?
A)  Yes.  The reason? We refer to the most updated version of the contract during ordering and production. Any changes need to be reviewed and approved by you so that you get everything you want for your special day. Unfortunately, if its not in writing in the most updated contract version, the change doesn't exist.  This is also why you will be contacted prior to the 45 day mark to go over the final details of your decor just to make sure everything is in its place.

So there you have it: Floral Sense policies in a nutshell. Some of our policies may change over time as we learn and grow through our experiences.  In the meantime, all of these safety nets are in place so that we don't run into sticky messes on your special day.


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