Monday, September 12, 2011

Fulfilling Your Childhood Dreams

I’m a little sad that the OC Fair is over but I really only go for one reason each year.  It's to win my boys one of these ginormous animals. That’s right.  I have talent like no body’s business!  
I won the cow this year.  
The frog is from the previous year. 
And who knows what next year holds.
I just want to clarify that I didn’t wake up one day and decide that winning these animals was going to be an annual tradition. As with most things for me, I had a great source of inspiration: Randy Pausch.  If you don’t know the name, you will want to know the name AND spend the next hour or so watching his Last Lecture.  (Warning: have a notebook and a box of tissues handy.)  I refer back to his last lecture regularly.  Each time I watch it, I leave with yet another lesson and find ways to apply it to my life.  There’s the head fake lesson, achieving dreams lesson….and the ginormous animals. Yes, Randy Pausch inspired me to fulfill my childhood dream of bringing home an oversized carnival toy.  And now I’m hooked.
I remember entering the wedding industry years ago for mainly one reason: To bring to life the childhood wedding dreams for a couple (ok, its usually the bride's asthetic dreams coming true and the man just wanting his woman to be happy).  There is something so satisfying after a wedding set-up to take a moment, step back and admire the hard work of creating a gorgeous setting for a grand nuptial celebration.  And yes, each of those details make a huge difference!  Whether its the specific flower breed used to remember the couple's first date or the family heirloom brooch adorned onto the bride's bouquet, they all play part to the special day.  Truly, nothing beats having a couple tell me that their wedding decor was more than they ever dreamed!
Cheers to fulfilling your childhood dreams! 

Yours Truly,

PS - We are returning to our original Monday/Thursday blog post schedule!

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