Friday, September 10, 2010

Part 2: Behind-the-Scenes with All Made Up Team-Vivian Tran and D Park Photography

Alright folks, as promised, here are the photos from our photoshoot.

Remember the 'before' photo?

Well, here are the amazing 'after' photos (These particular shots are images taken by Vivian Tran herself):

In a word: AMAZING!

Before this shoot, I didn't truly understand the importance of hiring a professional make-up and hair stylist for an event. But Vivian has made me a believer! And this is the first time I truly felt that my make-up artist understood how to apply make-up for MY face, not just her own.

To find out a bit more of Vivian's experience and background, check out her interview with D. Park Photography here. Brides, keep in mind that Vivian has 13 artists on the All Made Up Team that are highly skilled in make-up artistry and hair. But if you want the best of the best, be sure to ask for Vivian herself. Just look at me! Her works speaks for itself!

Psst! There's a Part 3 coming next with David and Drexelle from D. Park Photography so be sure to check back in a few more days!

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