Sunday, October 17, 2010

Help! How do I pick a floral designer?!

Ah, music to my ears. How DO you find the perfect florist for your event? Whether its for an extravagant wedding or just a fun party you're throwing, there's more to a florist than their ability to throw some stems in a vase.

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

What is my budget?
This is an important question because how much money you decide to set aside for the flowers will determine the number of pieces you can have and how extravagant you can make your arrangements. Every event is a budget event despite the amount of money you have or don't have. Just decide whether or not the flowers and decor are more important to you than other parts of your special day. Do you want some innovative designs or do you just need something to fill the center of your guest tables? Be realistic and you won't be dissappointed.

What kind of designs do I want?
A great indicator of a good match for you: take a look at their portfolio. If it has an "ooh, ahh" effect on you, you may have found the design style you're looking for. If not, keep looking.

I think I found my designer but I still don't know what I want.
Don't worry about this one so much because a good designer will be able to conjure up some great designs that work within your theme and budget. Again, be realistic. But personally, I love it when my clients hand over a bunch of pictures, fabrics and color samples to give me a sense of what ambiance they are going for. Often I find myself brainstorming together to create the perfect look for the event. What I hear frequently too is, "I didn't know this was what I wanted until I saw it."

What is their reputation?
This is important. You certainly don't want to hire someone who is seemingly awesome only for them to NOT show on the day of. That would be more of a nightmare than anything else. Yelp is a great resource. But referrals are even better. If your friends or family know their work and can vouch for them, its probably a good indication that you have a reliable designer to work with.

Just remember to have fun! Don't stress too much. You're paying someone else to do the stressing for you.

Happy planning!

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