Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reclaimed Foral Foam

Just a little food for thought: What if we reclaimed all of the used floral foam and re-purpose it for something else?

As Floral Sense makes steps to going green, the one component that is SO difficult to get away from is floral foam. This foam is completely non-biodegradable. It is used for a few days, at most, and thrown out. Multiply this by the number of arrangements throughout the world and you might begin to imagine the impact on the environment. BUT, we still use it because it allows us to create certain designs that we would otherwise be unable to. Using watermelon as a substitute is an interesting concept but is not practical for all purposes.

SO, what if we could reclaim all of this used floral foam and use it for something else?

Just a thought. Any suggestions anyone?

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