Monday, January 24, 2011

Chanel Inspired Photoshoot Featured in Style Unveiled

OMG! This is, by far, my favorite design concept that I've worked on to date! Here's the story to how this FAB photoshoot came about. Vivian from All Made Up Team brought our core team (including D Park Photography and Floral Sense) together with this great idea for a Chanel inspired shoot bringing in all the signature design elements. I was in!

Rewind a few months before our meeting, I agreed to make a few bouquets for Vivian's studio photoshoots with her brides...ones that she could keep at the studio permanently. But I didn't want to use silk flowers and create a traditional bouquet. So, I looked to Chanel for a bit of inspiration and fell in love with the gunmetal, pearls and play on textures. And viola! These are the two bouquets I came up with:

We played around with a mini photoshoot session with me:

Naturally, we decided to marry the bouquets into the photoshoot.
So, the one with the dried lotus pods and pearls transpired into this amazing, full-blown tablescape!

Go to Style Unveiled's link here to experience all the labor intensive details. I'll post more on why I chose the details I did for my tablescape. In the meantime, enjoy all the great eye candy!

Thank you to all the amazing vendors who participated in this shoot!
And thank you Style Unveiled for showcasing our work on your site!

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