Thursday, April 14, 2011

Modern Floral Designs - Less is More

I am a minimalist. And I think that's why my designs gravitate towards a very modern appeal. If you are looking to make a statement with your event floral decor, you don't have to use an excess of flowers to bring attention to it. Here are a few tips and ideas on keeping your decor clean, modern and exciting:

1) Take advantage of negative space. Tulips are a great flower to incorporate in your designs if this is the approach you're going for. They bend to and fro creating an original design each time. They almost take on a life of their own!

2) Go monochromatic. Stay within a single color palette but play up the varying hues. The different shades really play up the depth on your arrangement.

3) Choose florals based on textures. I know the 80's gave carnations a bad name. But I love using carnations to tuck into floral arrangements for their ruffly/spikey visual appeal. Look at the different seasonal flowers and think outside the box of roses. Envision your arrangements having different facets of large blooms, small blooms, feathery, fluffy, ruffly, spikey. The list can go on.

4) Keep the greenery to a minimum and the florals tight. For modern arrangements, I almost never use greenery. This is the easiest way to keep your design lines clean. If you choose to use greenery, arrange them so that they have a more purposeful symmetric placement. Or, find a way to manipulate the greenery to expose negative space.

Happy designing and event planning!

Check back for pictures in a few days with examples of each!

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