Monday, April 11, 2011

What To Do With the Flowers After Your Event

Flowers, flowers, flowers! They are definitely plentiful at a wedding. So after the music turns off, the lights turn on and the guests go back home, what happens to all those gorgeously designed arrangements? If you aren't planning for your guests to take the florals, then it would be smart to think about finding another home for them. Need a few tips to plan ahead?


1) See if the florist that you are working with will be willing to pick up the leftover centerpieces from the venue and deliver them to your location of choice. Some may charge you for your request, some may not. Otherwise, see if someone you know personally would be willing to take care of the delivery.

2) If you rented the vases in which the flowers are arranged, then be prepared to transfer the flowers into vases you don't mind giving away.

3) Be sure to contact the location receiving your florals ahead of time so they can prepare for your delivery. Nursing homes and hospitals are great places to send your arrangements to. And depending on the location, find out if certain flowers in the arrangements are going to be of concern due to allergies and strong fragrances.

I hope this was helpful in planning for your next event! Happy planning!

Image courtesy of Luminaire Images. Thank you for such a gorgeous shot of our work!

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