Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eco-Chic Bride's Bouquets

We were recently asked to make some Green bouquets for filming so here is what we came up with.

The inspiration for this bouquet came from a photo taken in Maui during one of their gorgeous sunsets. We used locally grown garden roses and succulents to give it an earthy yet ethereal feel with a hint of tropical. This one was a bit tricky to design mainly because we had to hand tie delicate garden roses with very hardy and heavy succulents. But the work certainly paid off (with a few garden rose casualties in the process)!
And for those of you who love succulents, did you know that you can take its clippings and plant it in the soil to grow? Well, that's exactly what we did with those chocolate brown plants (aeonium arboruem variety). These were from a previous event in which there were some extras, we planted and clipped off the newly grown blooms.

This bouquet of whites and ivories also incorporates locally grown flowers. But we put a twist on this classic color combo with some elements you wouldn't normally see in a Bride's bouquet. Take a stab in guessing what they are and leave your comment below!

Notice the leaves? Also locally grown, you might even have this plant in your home.

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