Sunday, June 13, 2010

Planning a Green Event - Part 2: The Invitations

Ah, the invites. To paper invite or to e-invite. That is the question.
Well, this one will depend on the formality of the occasion and how important the invites are to you. But for me personally, there's something very special about receiving a beautiful invitation in the mail that was prepared just for me. So, while there is and Facebook (which I use frequently for casual gatherings), opt for recycled papers and seeded plantable ones (my new fave).

For a nicer selection of green wedding invites,, and are good places to start. This sample shot from is so pretty. This a great way to intro to your guests that your event is going green.

Seeded paper is a relatively new product we came across and loved it so much that we decided to use seeded paper in our marketing material:

That little red heart has flower seeds embedded into it and all you need to do is place it under some dirt and add water. The larger postcard is made from 100% recycled materials. Love it! Check out for their great green products.

Happy Invitation Shopping!

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