Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Plastic Day - June 8, 2010

Yep, today is an official world wide event of NO PLASTIC! So what can you do today to reduce your carbon footprint? Here are a few tips from the No Plastic Day website:

1. No Plastic Bags - Unfortunately, plastic bags are practically omnipresent and completely non-biodegradable. So, take a reusable bag with you today and use it wherever you might receive a plastic bag. Or if you already have these bags at home, reuse 'em!
2. No Plastic Bottles - I know. Plastic bottles are so convenient. But just for today, commit to using a resuable bottle or purchase beverages in aluminum cans and glass bottles. If you have plastic bottles, be sure to throw them into the recycling bin.
3. Limit Your Garbage - Have you noticed that most packaging is made of plastic and much of what we throw out is made of the same material? Try to find a second life for things like plastic boxes that would otherwise be trash.
4. Be Creative - This is the best part. You choose how you want to think outside the box in reducing plastic waste in your life. Go for it!

Happy No Plastic Day!

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