Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emergency Bone Marrow Match Needed for Nicole Szeto

We need your help in finding a bone marrow donor match for Nicole Szeto! She is 22 years old with Stage 4 cancer. The doctors have given her a 2 month diagnosis to live.

Here's how you can help. "Be the Match" is the National Marrow Donor Program.
1. You can join their registry via mail in which they will send you a packet. All you do is swab the inside of your mouth and send it back along with your information. Click here to register online and get the swab packet by mail.
2. You can join by going in person to a bone marrow drive where they take the swab for you. Click here to find a drive happening in your area.

To my understanding, the registry is well organized so new registrants are matched against the current list of people who are in need of bone marrow on a daily basis. If, however, you could state that you are registering to see if you can be matched for Nicole, that would greatly appreciated!

We are on a race against the clock. It takes approximately 6 weeks to process and get test results of each new registered donor. So, if we get a match, Nicole will have 1 to 2 weeks to get the bone marrow transplant. Please pray for her so we can get a match for her in time.

Check back for updates.

For more understanding on the process of bone marrow matching and donating, feel free to check out and

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