Thursday, August 12, 2010

Planning a Green Event - Part 8: The Transportation

The transportation to and from an event can easily be accommodated to reduced carbon footprint alternatives. And it doesn't mean that you and everyone else needs to show up with a horse and carriage (although, that might be fun). For all you car lovers, you can have a lot of fun picking out a fancy hybrid fuel efficient car to drive for the night.

There's the Mercedes S400 Hybrid:

Lexus RX 400 Hybrid:

Personally, I would love the chance to drive around Fisker's Four-Door Karma Hybrid.

'Sigh.' I can dream in the meantime.

And if you end up falling in love with the car, it just might be a great time to make the vehicle switch.
But if you prefer to just carpool in a bunch of minivans, there's nothing wrong with that.
But come on, its a special night. Go wild!

All images released press photos.

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