Thursday, August 19, 2010

Planning a Green Event - Part 9: The Leftovers

So, you're throwing a grand event with lots of amazing food, fabulous drinks and stunning decor. But what do you do at the end of the night with all the leftovers?


Chrissy Gray, the talented event planner of Green Events, has some great suggestions so I asked her for some help on this one:

"For food waste there are a couple of different options:
1. This sounds obvious, but almost always does the trick, give leftovers to your staff. At the end of a long night, almost everyone will want something to munch on or to bring home for a snack the next day.
2. Donate the leftovers to a food bank, such as the Second Harvest Food Bank in Irvine. They are happy to take food donations of any kind, whether packaged or already prepared.
3. Compost anything else. Home composting is relatively easy to start, or nearby farms (yes they still do exist in OC! :) can take your compost as well.

For decor, donating to hospitals and nursing homes is what I always suggest, unless your guests want to take the arrangements home."

Thanks so much for sharing your words of wisdom!

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