Monday, August 23, 2010

Invisible Touch Events in Irvine, CA

Meet Invisible Touch Events, a leader in Orange County's event industry providing a plethora of services including DJ, Emcee, Live Entertainment and Lighting.
But the truth is, if you're familiar with the event scene around here, you've probably already heard of them. And you probably already know of how great they area. In fact, here are some of my favorite snapshots of their gorgeous work.

However, after chatting with Robert Arthur, the owner of Invisible Touch, I was pleasantly surprised to learn a few new interesting factoids about them:

1) Robert offers a DJ/Emcee school for aspiring DJ's and Emcees at their corporate office in Irvine. The course is for 3 months, offered once a year, and students have the opportunity to learn directly from top professionals off-site and on-site at actual events. For those who want to start on this career path, what better way than to learn from the best!

2) Robert is very involved in an exclusive "think tank" business group of the top 40 entertainment companies in America. In fact, this past July, Robert and his colleagues met in South Beach Miami, Florida for their annual meeting involving business discussions and product reviews. And the best part? "Its a business sharing group but also a family." Robert tells me this after giving me the best story of how his sons came along on the trip and joined in on a karaoke night singing Michael Buble. And of course, the boys' singing act was followed by a roaring applause!

Here's a little food for thought that Robert took away and brought back to share:
"Every human being has the same amount of time in a day as Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King, Edison and Einstein. What will you do with your time?"

Chew on that for a while! Cheers!

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